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This is a demo only, nothing can be saved.
ACTION(first match will be used)RULES (any match will invoke ACTION)

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If nothing in the access list is matched then access is allowed.
This page is only for access to the proxy, For access to the admin interface change the .htaccess file.

Max MBs in cache:
Anon proxy:You can see if it's working in the Info General area. Do not use on a firewall unless the firewall's output to inside your network is blocked.

Anon proxy settings
Home proxy:
Proxys using the same home can surf with each other's connection.
Proxy Timeout: seconds
Max Proxy Fails: Stops using a proxy after it has failed this many times.
Block intranet IPs:Untick if you want to allow people to use your proxy to look at web sites in the networks:,
Anon Port: This port must be accessable from the outside world.

Other Configuration
Url of this installation:
Proxy Port: Use the same port for HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS
Log size:bytes, files. (set to 0 if you don't want logging)
Time out: seconds to wait for connection
seconds to wait inbetween data.

Use this url for your browser's automatic proxy configuration...

Afterwards you can check your ip address here